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Farmer’s Market Dinner Special…

The Golden Chamber of Commerce has a fantastic Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning (May-October) from 8am to 1pm held in Historic Golden at 10th & Illinois.  The popular market features everything from fruits and vegetables to sweets, snacks, beef, buffalo, salmon, pork and so much more!

We are conveniently located directly across the creek from the market; therefore our Executive Chef Matthew White decided that attending the market would be a good way to start off his Saturday mornings.  He looks for the ingredients to create a delicious, buy local, Colorado Proud dinner special.   He picks up the items as he plans out the delicious dinner in his mind.

Making the stroll back to the hotel – arms full of product, he gets to work creating his decadent special.  He prepares everything and makes sure that it is ready to offer our guests during dinner as a one day only Farmer’s Market Special.

The special varies every week, but is some combination of an entrée with a salad and or dessert.  Price ranges between $18-26

Stop in the Bridgewater Grill this Saturday for dinner to savor Chef White’s creation!