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Basics of Sauvignon Blanc from Our Sommelier…

I wanted to learn more about wines, so I asked one of our restaurant managers, who just happens to be a Sommelier, to give me some basics.  Following is what I learned and I thought I would pass it on…

Sauvignon Blanc is an aromatic white grape variety. The wine it produces usually has aromas of green fruit, elderflower, green bell pepper, and asparagus.  Most often they are high in acid, medium bodied and almost always dry. This varietal grows the best in cool climates such as The Loire Valley in France, Bordeaux in France, The Andes Mountains in Chile and the Marlborough region of New Zealand. In fact some of the best Sauvignon Blancs on the market right now are coming out of New Zealand and Chile.

Okay- ready to learn more, I asked what items on the Bridgewater Grill menu, our in-house restaurant, would go well with the Sauvignon Blanc.  She recommended the 80401 Salad, Grilled Salmon, Pork Chop, and Shrimp & Crab Primavera.  If enjoying the wine at home, she thought pairing it with poached or lightly grilled salmon, fruit salsas with low acid (mangos, papaya, kiwi) and butter greens would be a nice complement to the wines.

A couple of Sauvignon Blancs on the wine list in the Bridgewater Grill…

Haras Sauvignon Blanc Chile

 The Haras winery is located in the Andes Mountains of Chile. The vineyards that these grapes are grown on have been around for over 600 years. The Matte family estate is not only a winery but a horse breeding farm as well, hence the horse (or horseshoe in some cases) on the label.

Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc New Zealand

The Villa Maria estate is the most awarded winery in New Zealand. This winery was founded in 1961 by George Fistonich, who ran this winery solo, until the early 1970s when he employed his first partner. Not only does the winery make their own wine, but they export varietals to over 50 countries around the world.


 Amber Morris, Restaurant Manager / Sommelier

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